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Terms and Conditions

We like to keep our terms and conditions simple so that you actually read them rather than skip the big terms and conditions page that you see on many websites. We will however update the page regularly and you should check this page at least once every month as long as you are using our products or services. 

This website is made for students, youth, and other teachers who are interested in learning the bible and checking their understanding through simple quizzes. We use the New Revised Standard Edition (NRSV) Bible for all our learning activities.

By purchasing a course or product on this website you agree that you are above 13 years of age. Purchases of study materials for students under 13 years of age should be made only by a parent or an adult. They can further share the materials with students after their review. 

Anything mentioned on this website is the respective author's interpretation or thoughts and should not be considered official confirmation from any authority. For any official confirmations, we will direct you to the respective websites or materials. 

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